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Our service-minded approach unites marketing, promotion and distribution under one roof, enabling an artist to bring their art to market, while maintaining control of their music.

We're seeing a trend toward labels, artists and even managers tailoring their own teams around certain projects, bringing on for-hire experts like ourselves, during the busy times and staffing down when bands are off-cycle or in other territories working. Flying Colours is able to ebb and flow with those marketplace demands.



president, Flying colours

project management.


we will act as your 'label' managing and executing all aspects of your release.

distribution services.


distribute your music worldwide.




grow your fan-base organically and effectively.




pitch your music to film, tv & ads.

digital retail marketing.


position your music on top playlists and store-fronts.

publishing admin.


worldwide royalty collection.

our services.

our clients.


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